Easy Raw Lemon Cashew Cookies

The weird thing about these cookies is that I made them as the same time as the Nutrient-Rich Strawberry-Coco-Cocoa Cookies and assumed they would be the standby in case the others sucked. Turns out, I liked the strawberry cookies way more than the lemon ones! That doesn’t happen much when it comes to lemon in this house!

Now, the cookies were good, and the recipe was from About.com and super easy to make. I just felt like the lemon was too subtle, maybe I should have doubled it or something. I even added lemon zest to the top. These are good cookies, but kind of plain and not super sweet. That’s what I think was missing for me honestly: the sweetness. They did dehydrate well, but they needed a little something. Good for a snack though, and with the tiny bit of agave nectar they are pretty low sugar (in a good way).

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