Dehydrated Pear & Almond Crackers

Okay, finally finished the last of the pears with this recipe and blocked them from my CSA. Sweet crackers sounded pretty awesome anyway. I found this recipe for Dehydrated Pear & Almond Crackers at Of The Kitten Kind and thought it was brilliant.

I dehydrated them for 12 hours and they were still not crunchy. I went for 24 and gave up. They never got super crunchy. Maybe the sugars? Maybe I spread them too thin, since they turned out more like a fruit rollup. Dunno. I thought they were a flop until the husband polished them off in 2 days. He loved them, even if they weren’t super crispy. I was honestly surprised.  While I probably won’t make them again until I get a huge vat of pears (dreading Christmas) I think it is a fun recipe.

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  1. The flavors in these sound fantastic, but I don’t think it is just you. Based on the ingredients it sounds like there is no way these really could have firmed up to true cracker consistency.

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  2. That’s such a bummer. This is my recipe and they worked really well for me. They were super crispy. In fact I was inspired by the ingredients on the back of a packet of raw crisps that are sold here in the shops. What a bummer. Mine were pretty thick though.

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    1. It happens! Most of the time when a recipe flops I just assume it is me. I hope you don’t take offense, I’m just pretty honest about how things work out for me. Maybe I should make them thicker, it could be that the thin bits with the sugar content made them more candy like. Hrm.

      1. I figured it out! I just read that obviously where you live and the weather you are surrounded by plays a factor. I live in South Australia, which is the driest state in the driest continent. Every time I try to make fruit leather, it turns out crunchy. I think that may be the answer along with you know, dehydrators being different depending on the brand and all that. 🙂

        1. Wow! Thanks SOO much! That makes so much sense. I never thought to ask about your climate! I’m right by the ocean so there’s quite a bit of moisture in the air. I’ll try again when I get pears next time.

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