Okay, finally finished the last of the pears with this recipe and blocked them from my CSA. Sweet crackers sounded pretty awesome anyway. I found this recipe for Dehydrated Pear & Almond Crackers at Of The Kitten Kind and thought it was brilliant.

I dehydrated them for 12 hours and they were still not crunchy. I went for 24 and gave up. They never got super crunchy. Maybe the sugars? Maybe I spread them too thin, since they turned out more like a fruit rollup. Dunno. I thought they were a flop until the husband polished them off in 2 days. He loved them, even if they weren’t super crispy. I was honestly surprised.  While I probably won’t make them again until I get a huge vat of pears (dreading Christmas) I think it is a fun recipe.

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