Carrot Donuts with Ginger Turbinado Sugar

I love carrots and carrot cake so I thought this was fun. I bookmarked this recipe for Carrot Donuts with Ginger Turbinado Sugar over at My Naturally Frugal Family and decided to make it when I had an over abundance of carrots again.

First thing first: there were no spices or anything in the batter. I really didn’t want all the flavour to be on the top with the ginger so I threw in (literally) some ginger and cinnamon which were both a good idea. It gave them a bit of a carrot cake taste which is what I was going for honestly.

I rarely use flax as egg replacer so I followed the recipe in that respect. I’m kind of bummed that I did because donuts really need the leavening and the flax just left them flat. Even with the baking powder, they just didn’t really rise and get that nice puffy texture. I generally have the opposite effect with my mini donuts overflowing but this time they were duds. Tasty duds but still, kind of sad.

What makes a sad donut happy? Cream cheeze glaze! I creamed a bit of margarine, tofutti cream cheeze, powdered sugar and vanilla all together with some almond milk. Drizzed on top of the donuts and they sang in my mouth.

Next time I make this recipe I’ll try it with powdered egg replacer. The taste was good (with the added spices) and I love the fact they have carrots. A fun recipe to try and a good way to eat veggies 😉

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