Yesterday Was Also Pancake Tuesday!

So I made pancakes. And they were edible! See, I have a really bad track record with pancakes. They generally turn out really bad. As in rubbery and even studded with chocolate chips the husband wouldn’t eat them. I mean, he threw out chocolate, which is almost unheard of.

I asked him last night since it was Pancake Tuesday (shrove Tuesday, and part of my damn heritage because pancakes rock and I grew up with this tradition) if he wanted to venture out or have me try making pancakes again. Listen people, I gave him a choice! I knew he wasn’t very hungry when he said he was fine with me trying to poison him instead of going out. He might have not used the word “poison” but I know he meant it.

Pulled out Vegan Brunch and flipped to Perfect Pancakes. It’s also the same recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance, it’s that good. Did mine turn out perfect? Nope, but this time they were actually edible. Medium heat, waiting for bubbles, I was kind of happy. I loved the cinnamon in them. Pulled out the golden syrup for my special treat and covered them in sliced bananas.

And I just want to leave you about something to think about during lent if you are religious. My aunt posted this on her Facebook wall this morning:

“I am not giving anything up for Lent..Instead I will endeavour to do a good turn for someone everyday and to vist the shut-ins once a week during lent ..AMEN….Pray For Peace…”


Right? This is what the season is about. It isn’t about giving up sugar when it’s convenient, soda, losing 10 lbs, or to stop biting your nails. It should be about being a good person. Like you should be all year. I’m not religious but I have a very high amount of respect for those who through their faith go out of their way to help others. To do a good deed is harder than not having dessert. If you want to live your faith, maybe you should try this out this year and gain some respect from others who don’t share your same beliefs. Plus, helping others is never a bad thing! The big guy would approve!

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