What I Ate Wednesday. Hopping On The Bandwagon

I thought this would be fun to jump into since I was talking about posting about my food more often. Really, just for me. Plus, I get to mess around with my phone. I’m not going to bother whipping out my camera to show you what I’m eating, or else it will never get done.  Technically Wednesdays are a weird food day for me since I have a really big kettlebell workout (same as Monday). I’m fueled best by carbs. The rules state that you can take your photos any day and just post on Wednesdays.


Oatmeal Oatmeal with pear, raisins, baking spice and banana. I generally have a green smoothie with protein powder on workout days, but I wasn’t feeling it today.


Deceptive looking bowl with over a cup of each brown rice and black beans (the beans were half a can, and I did 2 big 1/2 cup scoops of brown rice). Chipotle salsa and smoked jalapeño tofu. Side of pretzels for salt. Yay for bringing my lunch for a change! Also, it kept me super full, which is odd, but I was also pretty busy today.


Massive salad with chickpeas (hidden on the bottom, oops), lettuce, cucumbers, shallots, shredded carrots and 1/4 cup of Bhuja mix as something crunchy with Shiitake Sesame Dressing. I was too tired to add more protein, didn’t want to cook after class.

I generally have at least 2 snacks (mostly fruit, and I did have planned an apple with peanut butter and an orange but I’d already eaten enough fruit with breakfast) but today that beans and rice just completely filled me up. I actually didn’t have an awesome workout, I should have had the apple and peanut butter anyway because I was really running on empty working out 6 hours after lunch, I don’t know how people do it. The salad (which I’m eating now)  is massive and and I’m exhausted.

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