Teavivre Iron Goddess Oolong Tea

This is the last of my samples and I’ve been very happy with Teavivre on a whole. This Iron Goddess tea really got me out of bed this morning. I don’t drink a lot of oolong, but I do like it, I just kind of forget about it.

I was surprised by the colour and thought it was just a green tea honestly. The photo gives it more of a yellow tinge (which is should have) than in real life. Hey, I really wanted that cup, not to focus on many photos! Anyway, it wasn’t my favourite, but I’m more than happy to finish off all the little packets.

It was kind of vegetal, and I’m more into floral and flavoured teas right now. It was still pretty smooth to drink even though it had that veg and grassy taste. The leaves are huge. They unfurl and pretty much took up all of my infuser! So pretty!

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