Teavivre Golden Tip Tea

It’s cold and rainy today, a typical winter day. Tea is always in order, but today I’ll actually talk about what I drank!

This is another Teavivre tea. Teavivre Golden Tip was pretty nice. Sure, it’s a black tea, but it isn’t a boring black. It’s kind of light for a black tea and doesn’t have that bitter “I need milk in this or I’m going to pucker up and die” feeling in the mouth. The leaves are large and you don’t get the dreaded sludge. It was malty enough to be tasty and not boring. There was a bit of sweetness but not overpowering like a flavoured tea would be. I’m kind of big on the flavoured teas mind you, but this one didn’t make me zone out and just drink it because it was sitting infront of me. It did stand up on it’s own.

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