Shoofly Pie Bars

I didn’t know what to think of Shoofly Pie Bars, since I’ve never had Shoofly pie. The Cupcake Project had a recipe though, and I figured it was pretty damn good if it was posted there and not a cupcake.

Shoofly pie is I’m assuming like maple syrup pie or sugar pie in Canada. But not really if I’m basing them on these bars. First of all, they are just not as sweet. Which is totally fine. And they look glossy and sugary on top, but in reality they are kind of solid in the middle, not pure sugar. This is because of the layers of crumble topping and syrup mixture.

I made mine vegan of course and worried a bit. I thought the egg would be the thing to hold the bars in place but it was fine. I used egg replacer and it seems like the the binder was the crumb topping. I used Lyle’s golden syrup because I had it, and it is damn tasty. But when I mixed up the syrup layer I was really worried. It was watery and I had no idea on how it would gel together. I think the reason why mine doesn’t look like the photo is because the layer was so liquidy it just got absorbed by the crumb topping. Not a bad thing.

Overall, they were tasty and different. Kind of a bar to worry about until they set up, but when they set they are fine.

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