I got Peas and Thank You for Christmas and never really opened it. So bad. So this morning I thought I would go through and flag some recipes I wanted to try. The most appealing one was Grand Old Biscuits.

A pretty basic recipe but it curdles the milk with lemon juice instead of a vinegar. I whipped it up and they turned out a bit dry. Didn’t stick together much. They were just okay. Kind of a bummer, but its not like they were inedible. I like biscuits with way more baking powder so this one was just okay. My grandmothers recipe has 8 tablespoons to give you an idea there and translated down it would be 4 tablespoons per the same amount of flour.

Oh well, it’s just the beginning of the book. There are a lot of interesting things in it, and a lot of kid photos. Yeah. A lot. It’s hard for me to want to make the recipes with the kids with dirty faces on the same pages though, maybe I’ll just copy them out of the book. So. Not. Maternal.