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It’s Girl Scout Season! Vegan Thin Mints

February 9, 2012

Last week I started seeing “the call” on Facebook. My daughter/niece/grandaughter/neighbour whatever is selling cookies! It is funny because I don’t even really like girl scout cookies anymore. I don’t like prepackaged cookies in general (windmill cookies are obviously the exception to that rule), I’ve become such a snob. But I generally give some cash to a few kidlets and feed them to the husband.

Now, he loves thin mints. However, he really only likes them from the freezer. I hear this is really popular. And honestly, they are pretty amazing frozen. I kept these in the fridge and they were polished off pretty quickly.

I’ve been following Alien’s Day Out for a long time and she has some cool recipes (and a bunny! squee!). I saw her Vegan Thin Mints last year I guess and bookmarked it. They stacked up pretty well to thin mints themselves. They had a grainy cookie dipped in chocolate. With a hint of mint. The dough is easy to work with. I just took each cookie and painted it with chocolate after they cooled. I added some coconut oil to the glaze and I feel like it was easier to work with and also could have been kept at room temperature a bit longer. If someone was weird enough to eat thin mints room temperature. The mint covered any sort of coconut flavour that the oil would have imparted.

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