Hannah’s Hazelnut-Rosemary Crackers

I kind of dig making crackers now. I bought some raw hazelnuts just to make these Hazelnut-Rosemary Crackers . I didn’t change a thing and they turned out great. I rolled them out on a silpat with cling film over top and it was so easy. Scored them with a pizza cutter and popped them in the oven for 80 minutes. They made the house smell wonderful.

The ingredients went great together and I’m not a fan of nooch. It really made a big (and positive) impact in this recipe though, and the husband was eating them and saying how much he loved all the flavours. I do keep nooch on hand for recipes and I’m glad I did add it.

I really wanted to try these in the dehydrator but I didn’t trust myself. I’m still not good with times yet and this recipe was vague. Next time though, I’ll try and report back!

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