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Fat-free Vanilla or Blueberry Waffles

Good morning! I really wanted waffles, so I headed over to Dreena’s site to see what she had. Been feeling pretty bloaty lately and her recipes always make me feel at least a little bit healthier. I found one for fat-free vanilla or blueberry waffles and it sounded perfect!

I used whole wheat flour and cooked them until they were crunchy. I’m a fan of overdone waffles, because I like to hold them in my hand. I’m a dork. However, that means that the outside blueberries got a bit burnt, which wasn’t amazing. The flavour was okay but I’ve been used to making heavily flavoured waffles lately that I missed some of the sweetness.

If I tried this recipe again I think I’d make them very vanilla-y flavoured and just add the blueberries on top. Another excuse to make them again!

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