Cocomocha Nut Waffles from Vegan Vérité

I really wanted waffles this morning before my hike. I still haven’t ventured out, I’ve been busy around the house. Oops. But at least I made waffles. Found a new recipe over at Vegan Vérité and they sounded really good.

If I hadn’t read the whole post I would have never met them. Nuts and mocha? I don’t really love nuts in my stuff and mocha is coffee, and well, I don’t do that for myself.  I can’t stand mocha flavour. However, there was no coffee or nuts in the recipe. There was coconut oil which was a good addition. It says you don’t need to oil the waffle maker but I did anyway. Last thing I wanted was a stuck waffle! I’m out of maple syrup (!! Canadian emergency !!) so I used agave nectar in the batter and ate them with golden syrup. I always forget how much I love golden syrup. Yum.

Now, to see if I can get motivated for a hike!

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