“Chocolate Epiphany” Chocolate Mousse Pie

Nothing is cuter than little mini chocolate pies for Valentine’s Day! So I had found this recipe for “Chocolate Epiphany” Chocolate Mousse Pie over at Healthy Happy Life and thought the husband would really like it. Cute huh?

Well yeah. No subs needed, except I used almond butter since that was my only creamy nut butter on hand. The mousse tasted fab and I put some away for me since I’m not a big fan of pie.  I decided to be all fancy and use my cake stand in the photos. So I loaded the mini pies on the cake stand to go outside for photos, only stopping to show the husband how cute they were.

And then, he was wearing them.

The cake stand is slick and I tilted it just so that he got to wear his pie instead of eat it. Go me! I did manage to save 2, which is all you need in the grand scheme of marriage. Oh, and extra mousse!

Funny enough, the taste totally reminds me of a mellow Raw Chocolate Ganache. Since it is pretty much chocolate and almond butter. Totally a great pairing anyway. But I don’t recommend having your partner in crime wear your creation on your special day. Or any day really. It gets… sticky.

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