Why I Don’t Believe “All Women Are Beautiful”

This sounds like a loaded hate-filled post but it really isn’t. I totally believe in love and acceptance and lentils and all that but I also believe in reality.

Not all women are beautiful.

There, I said it.

Sure, a women’s body might be beautiful and you can go as hippy as you want with that in saying all women (and men) are beautiful. So are cats and lemurs and spiders then. Let’s just have a love fest of beautiful. But really, is beautiful only appearances?

To me, beautiful is a far more special word. It doesn’t link directly to my legs or the length of my nails. It links to a person on a whole. And honestly, there are a lot of people lacking in the beauty department, including myself a lot of the time.

I think this whole “everyone gets a gold star and can be called beautiful” is bullshit. Find your confidence booster somewhere else. Confidence is part of beauty. Confidence doesn’t come easy. Confidence is earned by how you treat yourself and that’s a harsh reality. Self awareness is beautiful. Being kind is beautiful. Being humble is beautiful. Being loving and accepting is beautiful. Caring for others is beautiful. Respect is beautiful. Tolerance is beautiful, and so is patience.

So women, stop with all these bullshit posts about “all women are beautiful”. Because some are mean and nasty and really are not beautiful. Also, what about the guys? You think they don’t have issues too? Freaking women caught up in themselves, sheesh. Some are selfish and treat themselves poorly for a certain aesthetic. Not respecting your body is not beautiful.

If you are posting it as a body awareness post, it is for you and a boost of self confidence. You can’t tell someone what their ideal aesthetic is just as much as you can’t like brussel sprouts or avocados if you really hate the taste.  “See? This person is fat/thin/big nosed/has 12 toes and is beautiful, and so am I”. Well no. I can’t judge if these people are beautiful or not by a photo. I haven’t seen or heard of any of their actions. They have a body, that’s about all I can see into that. They might fit my ideal personal  aesthetic. That doesn’t make them beautiful. It doesn’t make them ugly if they don’t. It makes them potential. Potential to prove they are beautiful.

Hey, I get caught up on body awareness crap too. I get it. But if I’m 20 lb. heavier or lighter it doesn’t make me more or less beautiful. I would like to think people get that already. All women have the potential to be beautiful, but it is up to them to prove that they are by their actions, not by their mascara brand or weight on the scale.

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  1. Well said!

    Physical beauty can be looked at like art, but what comes after it makes all the difference. Mean, nasty people don’t make the same physical impression to me once I see the attitude, but that’s me (and you since you said it first) but I’m no fool. Not everyone rolls this way and that’s why why have a skewed definition of beauty. The pop definition is aspirational at best, but since maintaining one’s appearance is a personal thing, those suggestions are just that, suggestions.


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