Vegweb Tofu Jerky. Yeah, I Went There.

The funny thing is, I’m not a huge fan of tofu jerky. At least the stuff I’ve bought in the past. It just kind of was weird. So why in the hell did I bother trying the Yummy Tofu Recipe from VegWeb? No clue besides the fact that I had a block of tofu in the freezer and a new dehydrator.

So I thawed it, marinated it and threw it in my dehydrator. And it got crispy and crumbly and wonderful. I totally attribute that to the long time in the dehydrator and the frozen tofu. I put some fresher tofu (not frozen beforehand) in after and it was more chewy. I loved the brittle and salty taste of it like this. Hell, even the husband was sneaking some. Salty and good. I didn’t use as much soy sauce as called for (only 1/3 cup) which honestly isn’t that off. I’m so making this all the time. It is great crumbled on salads, as a snack and dipped in hummus. Hehe. Such a dork, but a big protein dork!

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