Teavivre: Tea For Life Review.

I was contacted by Teavivre and asked if I wanted to try some of their teas. Um, yes? Of course I do. I had never heard of this company and they are based in China. What is really cool is that their teas are all produced in China using Chinese manufacturing methods. I love tea from all over the world so this guidance really helps when choosing a foreign tea, especially with English on the packaging.

I’ve been known to get unknown tea tins from coworkers travels all around the world. Even my husbands coworkers have brought me tea from China, but I feel so intimidated. It’s tea, yes, but I’m unsure of the best brewing methods and times because I can’t read the languages printed on the boxes or tins. Oops. It isn’t that big of a deal, but sometimes I want to know just in case I can bring out some extra flavour by less heat or a longer brewing time.

No problem here on instructions. It is all spelled out for me! Name (in English, kanji and spelled out), where it’s from, who made it, production date (! super cool), storage and brewing instructions. All right there. The tea nerd in me LOVES this. Sure I love brewing instructions but so many details really is awesome. Production date? There’s no way to get around selling me some old tea from the back depths of the warehouse here! Also, in the above photo you see that the tea is in a resealable bag, but has a double packaging so it stays fresh. It also means I don’t really have to measure.

I think each tea deserves a separate review but when I opened up the first one I was greeted with a wonderful quality of leaves. No dust at all being sold here. I was really impressed. Taste preview? I really love it so far.

But the main question is, would I actually pay for this tea? Like, go to the website and have it shipped from China? I got my sample package really quickly and it was packed really well, not like tea is fragile). Checking out the prices on their site I find them very affordable. I will be placing an order. They have some excellent prices on flowering teas which I truly love but have to limit myself on buying because of the price. In fact, their dragon pearl is about 35%  less than the price of Harneys. I love Harney but I love dragon pearl a lot! So yep, I’m planning on buying from them soon. Look forward to writing about the 5 samples I got, the one I’m sipping now is really tasty.

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