Winter has officially hit the Bay Area. Okay, it was last weekend, but still. Rainy, warmer (thank goodness) and I was in desperate need of soup. But I didn’t want canned soup (hell, I don’t even stock canned soup) and I didn’t want to wait 4 hours.

Simply Life had a cute basic recipe for Chickpea and Vegetable Soup. Yeah, I know, a soup recipe. I generally just throw things in a pot and call it a day. It is a good base recipe though so check it out. I nixed the broccoli and added turnip. Yes, I’m still getting rid of turnip, I get about 3 a week! The only other change I made really (besides not measuring) was to use alphabet pasta instead of orzo. Living on the edge with substitutions this week, lemme tell ya. The good thing is that this doesn’t take 4 hours to simmer. Plus, it made the kitchen smell wonderful!

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