I had a really good hike at the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve. It is easy to get to and I had no problems which is pretty cool. The parking lot was packed since it was a nice sunny day and mountain bikes are allowed on these trails so it is to be expected. While I don’t really love open hikes they are much easier in the winter when it is colder outside. I saw that this park had volunteer trail patrols. I hadn’t seen that on any trails before. If this park was bigger it would make me feel very safe. But this isn’t a huge park so I’m not sure it is needed. However, I’m sure it does keep the trail debauchery down which is nice.

It was nice enough to not need a jacket. Lots of families around but the first part of the hike was surprising to me. I guess I just didn’t expect so much hill at the beginning, but it was set out okay. I’m truly a lazy person by nature so sometimes it takes me by surprise that I do things like hike and exercise. I do complain in my head the whole time though.

What did I love about this hike (that was worth you know, hiking uphill for)? Ocean! Yay! Honestly when I said on my last hike I wanted an ocean view I thought I was going to have to get a bit closer. Nope, Instead I got my ocean view pretty easily! The view really puts this park up in the rankings. It made me so happy.

There was a bit of shade in this park, but not a lot. I also decided that the 3.5 miles that I had written out was just not enough. I remembered that the hiking book told me to do an out and back along Hawk trail for an extra mile or so, or maybe it was a loop? I didn’t remember. I ended up on the trail and took it all the way down to a remote park entrance. I was already at 5 miles and I was exhausted. Turns out I was supposed to turn around a lot sooner. I was not expecting to be out so long and honestly the open hiking was sunny but cold. I was freezing my ass off and that last 3 miles was rough. My hips hurt, my fingers were numb and I had no idea where I was going. I was so tired and cold that it was slow going. Next time I’ll bring my jacket even if I don’t need it at the beginning! Oh, and maybe I’ll read some directions… nah.