Make These Now: Raw Chocolate Macaroons

Happy New Year! Sorry, there are going to be a lot of dehydrator recipes, but this one is so worth it. I love coconut to it was a no brainer to make chocolate macaroons. I found this recipe over at The Vegan Adventures of Meggie And Ben and just knew it would be so good.

I don’t really know much about raw food but I have no idea how maple syrup is considered raw. Maybe because I’m Canadian and have seen how tree sap gets to be maple syrup? It is hours upon hours of boiling, which you know, isn’t raw. I’m totally not bashing Meggie or Ben or Ben’s mom (because they all rock *waves*) but I’ve seen maple syrup and agave in raw recipes and well, they aren’t raw. Maybe that is high raw I’m thinking of. Maybe I need to read a freaking book before I go about spouting random stuff out of my mouth. Just an fyi to those that aren’t in the know: maple syrup is boiled down tree sap. Which is cooked. Which is amazing. Go by some. Put it on everything. Make sure it’s Canadian 😉

But the point is, go make these. They are SO. GOOD.

My mixture got to a nice point without the coconut oil so I didn’t add it. I’m sure it would have been an awesome flavour enhancer. I also used cocoa powder because I’m not 100% down with cacao and I don’t have any in the house at the moment that aren’t nibs. Simple recipe, and not a super long drying time which is perfect.

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