Hiking 2011 Round Up

This photo took a bit of planning, and I’ve been dying to use it! Anyway, I thought I would do a hiking round up for the year. I’m kind of sad I didn’t hike more, but I did get out and that’s the main thing. I really do think I should do the 365 miles challenge in 2012, but not in the middle of 2012. And that is a LOT of miles after looking at what I accomplished this year. It will be fun to try, even if it is a bit of pressure. I don’t think I’m going to hit it, but my real goal is more of “beat 2011” and to go hiking at least 3 times a month. Hiking makes me feel better mentally and physically. It clears my head and gets me moving.

I’m not a mileage rockstar or really consistent. I hike because it makes me feel better, not because I’m good at it or want to brag. I mean, who can brag about 2 mile hikes? It is hard for me though (especially my knees), and I’m proud that I get off the couch. I hike for me not for ego inflation. And to see how more ridiculous my travels can be. I do some of the stupidest shit when I’m hiking! Hah!

So here’s what I posted about in 2011:

Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve  2.19 miles

Garin/Dry Creek Regional Parks   4.75 miles
Joaquin Miller Park   3.95 miles
Castle Rock State Park Saratoga Gap Trail  2.84 miles

Redwood Regional Park: West Ridge Trail  5.10 miles
Redwood Regional Park: West Ridge To East Ridge Loop  3.96 miles
Sweeney Ridge: Sneath Lane Trail  3.45 miles

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park  3.39
Huddart County Park Dean – Crystal Springs Loop  4.38 miles
Wunderlich County Park: Alambique, Bear Gulch, and Redwood Trails  5.00 miles
Edgewood Park & Preserve: Sylvan & Serpentine Trails  3.39 miles

 Monte Bello Open Space Preserve, Black Mountain  6.36 miles

Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve:  Bald Knob Trail  5.72 miles
Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve  5.00 miles
Purisima Creek, Craig Britton, and Harkins Ridge Loop  6.76 miles

El Corte De Madera Creek Open Space Preserve  4.42 miles


Pearson-Arastradero Preserve  3.52 miles (wrong mileage but I’m going by the Garmin)
Pichetti Winery Montebello Open Space Preserve  4.15 miles
Windy Hill Open Space Preserve 7.0 miles

Total Garmin Data for 2011: 91.28 miles. 32 hours, 0 minutes and 28 seconds spend hiking (with my Garmin on).

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