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Farmer’s Market Finds: Turnips (and Turnip Curry was made!)

This CSA year has been the year of the turnip! I’m not a huge fan, mostly because my family only ate them mashed. 90% of the time they were bitter, even when my grandmother cooked them with a potato. Plus, I don’t like mashed potatoes much so why would I like any other root vegetables mashed?

So since I’ve been getting turnips weekly via my CSA box I’ve been trying to find creative ways to use them up. I found this recipe for Vegetarian Chickpea Curry with Turnips on and it was my first time making a curry. It was good, but I misjudged the curry powder I had and added a bit too much. The longer it cooked the hotter it got. It took a long time so I think this would be a great recipe for a crock pot, or a quick recipe for a pressure cooker (with uncooked beans). Great for a cold evening though!

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