Alton Brown’s Orange Marmalade

I just can’t eat all these oranges I’m getting in my CSA fast enough. I got 6 pounds of satsuma last week alone! So I decided to make some marmalade and went to Alton Brown for directions. It was an easy recipe. My oranges were not very sweet but I still only added a little less than 3 pounds of sugar. It is a very sweet recipe. The oranges have a natural pectin so this recipe calls for just items you have in your home. Some of the comments said theirs didn’t gel easily, and I think that is because they were not letting it simmer at 223Ëš for the 15-20 minutes. In fact, mine is a bit too gelled.

I didn’t bother canning it since I had some uses for it in recipes, but now I’m thinking it is going to be tough to get through this full recipe! To the freezer it is!

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