Vegan Yum Yum’s Perfect Cinnamon Buns

What’s a girl to do when her used to be favourite recipe for cinnamon rolls flops on her? Cover them in a lot of cream cheeze icing. Vegan Yum Yum’s recipe for Perfect Cinnamon Buns is really a good recipe, but I was having an obviously off day. I’ve made them before and sang a love song to them. The husband wanted to marry them and I left them on a friends porch which started a drive by baked goods stealth swap. That was a pretty fun way to spend December, let me tell you! Anyway, the buns. Poor buns.

What was wrong? My dough just wasn’t happy. I knew it was weird but that sometimes goes away during the rise. But they didn’t really rise. Oh bad. Instead of getting all worried (and I was out of all purpose flour) I made them anyway and there was a bit of lift on the second rise as well as in the oven. They just didn’t have that light fluffy texture. The texture that screams they are so light and wonderful they must be calorie free. I mean, the icing helped. I also didn’t even bother to use Penzeys cinnamon in them. I knew they were a flop, and why waste my great cinnamon when I now have to mail order it? So yeah, they came out a bit lacking in flavour.

But nothing that a cream cheeze icing can’t fix (how many times can I say that? the icing turned out awesome!).  I piled it on high because when you reheat these babies the icing melts into the bun and gets all sorts of wonderful. The one in the photo hadn’t started to melt yet, I promise, I nuked it for 30 seconds and dug right in. And that does not make for a pretty picture!

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