I’ve been seeing pumpkin donuts all over the blogsphere and I’ve been meaning to make my own but never got around to it. So I finally broke out my mini donut pan and had to choose a recipe. I went with the recipe over at Oh She Glows, but I wasn’t really into the sugar coating. I think the whole dipping them in margarine just kinda squicked me out. But glazed? Yeah, I can do that.

Besides the coating changes, I also didn’t bother with the apple sauce or the margarine out of laziness since I halved the recipe. I used vegetable oil. These turned out really tender and fluffy! I wanted them to have a bit of a maple kick so after I dunked them in a vanilla soy creamer and icing sugar bath, I sprinkled on some maple sugar. It was just the perfect amount of crunch and maple flavour.

I have to say these were all eaten in a few hour span. To say the husband liked them would be an understatement. I did too, and they are going right back into the baking rotation after I clean the pan!