Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Cookies From Oh Lady Cakes. Make These NOW.

Full disclaimer: only make these if you intend to be full on assaulted with compliments and nagged for more when they are gone. Seriously. I brought these into work and they were inhaled. In fact, I could barely get them to the kitchen area, I was accosted on the way. Your mileage may vary. Oh Lady Cakes has some pretty awesome recipes, and I’m glad I started with Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Cookies!

Quotes from the day:

“They are delicious!”

“They are pretty epic”

“You should be banned from making them, I felt a button burst while standing in the kitchen”

“Holy shit I just had two more of those crack swirls you baked. I want to eat the plastic container too now”

I have to say I do love the ones I made without the pumpkin, but I think these are much easier. You don’t have to chill them before rolling them, just after. It works. I used cling film to make them even when rolling. And they do taste good with the pumpkin! Yum! Plus, they are quite pretty!

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  1. Haha, ‘crack swirls’ – hilarious! I’m dying. In other news, I’m happy you and your coworkers liked them – get ready for the next installment: gingerbread cinnamon roll cookies, ahh!

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