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Picchetti Winery Montebello Open Space Preserve Hike

I’m a bit behind on hiking posts, but I didn’t want to do a bunch in one week. I have one after this then I can do a 2011 round up to see where I’ve been!  But right by work, Picchetti Winery has a set of trails I wanted to try. I left work a bit early on Christmas Eve Eve (translation, the 23rd or last Friday) to check out the trails. It was a good way to end the week.

I didn’t get lost at all and there was a peacock on the grounds! My garmin time is a bit off since I didn’t want to beep while taking random photos of the bird. Everyone else was probably drunk so I just looked like a luny hiker. No big deal. I’m used to that. I wanted to check out the Zinfandel trail and do an out and back. It was kind of chilly, I was happy for my coat and long pants.

I don’t know why but I was panicky from the start. I’m not used to starting hikes so late and it seemed like the sun was going to go down any minute. I was completely wrong of course, but I felt all weird since I didn’t want to get caught in the dark on these trails that randomly drifted off of cliffs. Did I check my phone for sunset times and such? Pfft. That would be easy! I do have a flashlight in my bag, but still. I got to my car by 5 so I was safe but felt rushed. Stupid winter.

I kind of feel like a huge dork on shorter trails with my camelbak but honestly I love the damn thing. I drink a LOT of water. I don’t like to stop unless I feel like I’m dying (which I did feel like at the end of this hike). I busted out my mini bak I bought last year in case I ever felt like doing some trail runs. Obviously that didn’t work out but it is kind of nice having 2 sizes. Except I can barely fit anything in this one, and my phone is a tight fit. The camelbak came with the water tube on the right and I figured out I’m a lefty water tube kind of gal. Not a big deal to rethread, but it is a snug fit. I’m not sure it would be enough water for me in the summer since in 4.15 miles I came close to emptying this one. Like I said, I drink a lot. Maybe if/when I’m more conditioned I can go without water and not feel like I’m going to go have to tap a camel or something. Yes, you are welcome for me cropping out my butt. These pants are NOT flattering, I need to do laundry. I had some serious VPL going on, and a flash. Not so good.

The trail was nice though. I think I would start this one from another point next time though because it was all downhill for 2 miles and then all uphill on the way back. I decided to get an extra loop in (that was called Orchard loop) at the end and it nearly killed me. It went down steep and then I had to crawl my way out of the depths of despair. The Zinfandel trail was pretty chill I didn’t think they would do some steep hills right at the winery. And I didn’t see any orchards. Maybe I’m just stupid. Maybe I was distracted by the 45 degree hills for half a mile. Dunno, but I’m not doing that one again. I didn’t even take photos. It would have looked like a gentle rolling hill anyway. But some of the views were nice and it is close to work. I popped on another trail for a few tenths but again I had a mental time constraint. Next time I’ll be sure to leave more time.

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