Pearson-Arastradero Preserve in Palo Alto

Okay yes. I went hiking in Palo Alto. I know, weird. But let me tell you, there were a LOT of people out there for a Tuesday afternoon. Mostly wearing Lululemon and talking or playing on their cell phones. Oh, with little dogs. Why yes, I took a day off to hike. This is me looking out for my mental health.  Though it was a bit mental hiking after a really rough kettlebell class that left my quads seizing up. Sure, I’ll just walk that out.

My wildlife sighting was a few hawks. They were just hanging out, probably trying to pick off the little tiny dogs that the lululemon girls brought with them on their “hike”. I don’t mean to snark, sorry. I was sore, and I’m happy they were looking out for their health. Honest.

As usual Shannon style, I unintentionally did the trail backwards, and then traced my way back therefore avoiding a loop. Because I turned left instead of right at the very beginning. After wearing my jacket and going uphill for quite awhile I needed to stop and strip down and really appreciate the spooky trees. Because this park is full of spooky trees. So awesome. Also awesome is hiking in December with no coat. Thumbs up California.

So my quads never got worked out. The first half was just sore, and things were not looking good. The second half which was downhill was horrible. My legs started seizing up and I was a pathetic mess. It wasn’t that the trail was hard, it was the trail was angling down. Which put more pressure on my quads and just freaking hurt. So I was hobbling down, taking photos and lots of breaks. Getting passed up by girls playing Angry Birds on their phones while “exercising”. Then I paused my Garmin to take some more pictures (and massage my legs) and kind of forgot to restart it for about a mile. Oops. I was wandering around and got in about 4.5 miles but only logged 3.5.

Would I go again? Well, it is on the way home but it is just too exposed for a frequent haunt. Kind of loud as well. Maybe to grab some random miles later, but in the summer this would totally suck. I wonder if there would be any pretty flowers or foliage in the spring though. I’ll let you know!

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