Oh Candida. Biting Me Again Are You?

What am I shoving in my maw? Tis the season to overeat, but honestly, I’m not blaming the season for my current eating issues. I haven’t been overating, and it is one of my pet peeves when people say that shit. However, it seems that with my elevated stress level and my not really moderating breads/flours/sugars and all that fun stuff my candida is back to bite me in the stomach. See, I have a serious candida problem, which is living in my stomach and intestines (and everyone’s system, that’s normal) and it gets all crazy in there when I feed the yeast. When it gets bad even eating lettuce is a pretty horrible experience. The overgrowth takes over and it is just a painful experience.

I can generally gauge when things are getting to a bad point and work on getting things sorted out easily. And I did see the bad stuff happening. And I ignored it because I wanted to bake all this yummy bread to get to the damn panetonne in my bread book. One. Track. Mind. Which I haven’t gotten to yet, go figure. The yeast plus sugars, cheese (okay, that’s just not cool and all on me the handful of times I’ve had it), plus fermented goodness I’ve been eating has set my system in a tailspin. Of course the more stuff that triggers my candida I eat the more I want it. So I haven’t been overeating, just making poor choices.

And it hurts. And it’s my fault.

I probably could have contained it easier if I hadn’t started a new workout program. The increased hunger really kills me and I’m just grabbing whatever food is around me, which are good choices in theory, but not good choices for candida. And they aren’t bad, but eating a whole pineapple in a day isn’t the best for me right now. Carbs are good. Carbs with yeast and sugar… not so good. The first week I just ate plain too much because I wasn’t fueling properly before and after my workout. The second week was just trying to figure out how to fuel without having to eat enough to feed a small village the next day and I was sore. So while playing with this hunger I’ve been grabbing poor (for the candida) choices. The symptoms are older, but I built up on them and it intensified everything with the volume of food I have been eating.

I can preplan and hopefully take care of some of this myself. I’d rather not go through another round of injections and pills and can probably take care of it with a more strict diet and threelac. Hell, I’ll just look like a January joiner. More greens and grains. Every time I write these posts I hate saying what I’m giving up because it means I’ll obsess on it. Like nuts. I can go without nuts, until I say I can’t have any because of the mold.

I doubt you even need a step by step on what I ate or am planning to eat. I plan to bake as usual, maybe throw in some raw recipes or talk about my savory stuff a bit more. Just saying that it isn’t the new year that is telling me to be better to my body. My body is telling me to treat it well and I’m listening.

And now I’m off to program my rice cooker!

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