What to make when I run out of all-purpose and bread flour and don’t feel like making it to the store? Why not peanut butter! I found this recipe for Maple Gingerbread Peanut Butter¬†and I had peanuts. And a food processor.

I have to say I’ve always been too lazy to make my own nut butter, but I love gingerbread so I gave it a go. So easy, and so tasty. I intentionally went light on the spices because I use some pretty potent cinnamon from Penzeys, but I could have gone stronger. It is a nice light hint though. It was okay on bread, but this is really wonderful on apples. I got impatient and added a bit too much oil so it is kind of runny but it hasn’t separated which is really awesome. And perfect for dipping. I’d make this for a get together any day to serve with fruit and pretzels and such.