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So dear readers, I last left you with the promise of moving my kettlebells at least one time a day. Have I? Yes, except on Tuesday. Tuesday I hurt.

See Monday I went to a gym that had kettlebell classes. I finally found one. It is a boxing gym and has some pretty cool classes, AND 2 kettlebell classes a week. 6:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays, I can do that! It is about 5-8 minutes away from my house too.

I went on Monday, signed some papers about hazards and such and took a free class. And got my ass whooped by an ex-soviet olympic boxer. Yeah. They do thing a bit different in the motherland. He has a different technique which is fun to learn, and a bit frustrating, plus I’m out of class shape. And the squats. THAT is what killed me. He likes to go down really far even for swings. To say I was half assing it is accurate. And now my ass is paying. And my thighs. I went back on Wednesday just to stretch out. I rarely get DOMS but this was a bad case. After Wednesday I was fine, go figure.

I think I’m now on the hunt for parachute pants because honestly these new thighs I’m going to have will not fit in pants. Nor will my ass. Thank goodness for skirts!

But it is a pretty neat class that I’m going to keep for awhile. The guys seem nice (and puts up with me goofing in class, and falling over randomly and such) and there is a lot of stretching in between kettlebell sets. This is great because I think I’ve lost all of my flexibility and wanted to work on that. Some times you just don’t want to fall over in a room full of yogi. It is easier on the ego for me falling over with the buff guys. Some weird cossack moves make me laugh out loud, I should do a video of the crazy shit he makes us do. When I can do it. There’s always next week!

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