J Lee Roy’s, A Fun FoodBuzz Find

There were a ton of really awesome vendors at the Foodbuzz festival, but these guys took the cake in just plain “nice”. As in “yes, we don’t think you are a freak because you are reading the ingredients, we are proud of them!” and “Yes, we know what vegan is, and we aren’t afraid of you” (unlike some other vendors).

J Lee Roy’s is very veg friendly for a bbq company. That drew me in right away. What? No anchovies or hfcs? Nope! I asked if the rub was good on tofu and a woman came up to say that’s how she uses it! I was smitten, and since the husband really has a thing for bbq sauce (he doesn’t like ketchup) I was really excited about the full sized samples.

I made baked tofu, and it was fab. Drizzed it a bit with olive oil and then sprinkled on the Cookin’ Seasoning. It was sooo good. I loved the flavor punch, which tofu really needs. I ate this with some broccoli and potatoes one evening, but I have to admit it was the star of the show in a sandwich the next day. I keep on grabbing for the container to shake on random things.

The Dippin’ sauce is really great too. I got the hickory since I tend to like a bit of smoke to my sauce. It is a great condiment. And can you believe it is only $3.75? For 23oz of bbq sauce where I can read and understand every ingredient. I’m pleased as punch and I’m looking forward to smothering a ton of comfort food in these two products.

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    1. I really wanted to post about it because I can see myself buying this again. I think it will take a lot of time to go through the products though! I can see it even as a replacement for my husbands weird obsession with season salt on meat products.

  1. Being from Fresno,CA., I would like to know where can I buy your products?
    I’m fond of you cookin’ seasonings
    Please list a few dealers that carry your products

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