I’m Back! Kettlebells Yesterday And For The Rest Of December.

Excuse my rack position that is off a bit (non kb people, feel free to snicker about the “rack”, “snatch” is coming up, I promise). I honestly  shouldn’t have tried to get that 20 kg (44 lbs) into a rack position, click a camera and stand there 10 seconds. Multiple times. Yeah. I’m not strong enough for that yet. I gave up after a few, because well, I had already done my workout and was tired of lugging the thing around!

But I will be strong enough soon! Yesterday I did a quick kettlebell workout of goblet squats with this 20kg (my hips were sore so it helped loosen them up a bit), some snatches at 10kg, and some good old swings at 16kg. Sure, it only took me about 8 minutes to do a circuit, but it was a good enough workout with the varied weights.

My goal (that I’m going to try REALLY hard to stick to, honest) is to pick them up at least once a day. And I mean that literally. If I just farmers walk them around the house that counts. I obviously want to do more, but I at least have to move a few of them around.  I don’t want to have a strict workout schedule because my days seem to be filling up and I don’t want to be disappointed if I can’t make a workout. Or if I get sucked into the couch. So real workouts are preferable, but I’ll take anything this December. And then one day I’ll be able to gracefully get that 20 kg gracefully into that position.

Oh, a progress note that I forgot to post! I found some old sparkpeople measurements from August and it looks like my biceps have gone up 1.5″! Seriously! I’m pretty sure that I’m going to credit the kettlebells for that. And I’m also going to credit the kettlebells with my now even harder struggle to find pants that fit. I can’t even do full squats because of my knees but it seems like they are working. If only I had needed booty help in the first place. Oh well. That’s what skirts are for.

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