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First Time Dehydrating. I Made Banana Chips, Then Smothered Them In Chocolate!

Happy New Years Eve! I know how to keep it healthy huh? I got a dehydrator for Christmas and I’m pretty excited. Not that I couldn’t do these things with a low oven, I’m just lazy. So I looked around the kitchen and saw some ripe bananas. Into the dehydrator for 6-8 hours and I had banana chips. But I wanted something chocolatey so I dunked them in melted dark chocolate (thanks to my new chocolate melter). I just had to. They were super sweet on their own but this way they were really fun. And really a pain in the ass to make so I doubt that will happen again. Just being honest, it took a long time and my back kind of hurts now.

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  1. elspeth says

    they look delicious!

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