Bread Bakers Apprentice: Multigrain Bread (The Perfect Sandwich Loaf!)

I am a huge fan of multigrain bread, and the Bread Bakers Apprentice bread was not a disappointment. This one was very forgiving so I’d make it again in an instant.

First of all, I forgot to make the soaker. So I made the soaker with boiling water, pretty much cooking the grains quickly instead of them absorbing the water overnight and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Not really recommended, but I didn’t have a drastic fail from forgetting this step except maybe some lift in the rising process. Secondly, I added agave nectar, which really doesn’t mess with things as a honey substitute. However, I was out of leftover rice, so I left it out and added a bit more oats.

Verdict? This bread is hearty and can take a lot of substitutions. I wouldn’t be worried to add maybe some quinoa instead of the rice or any other types of trade offs. It is a good sandwich bread because it has a bit more tooth and isn’t too soft that it would get mushy with fillings. It toasts up great as well. Since I’m already a fan of multigrain I was sold on the idea, but really the texture is something I wanted out of the wheat bread. It doesn’t have a lot of stray seeds or nuts embedded which is what a lot of people don’t like about multigrain bread.

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