Virtual Pizza Party! World Wide Pizza Party Day

Today was the set for a virtual pizza party. I met Jeff Hertzberg, the author of Artisan Pizza And Flatbread in 5 Minutes A Day and not only got a free signed copy of it, was invited to a virtual pizza party! Yeah, I’m a pizza addict. There’s nothing wrong with that. Had to plan on November 15th for a pizza party, which isn’t a problem since I think people should make pizza at least once a week. And with this book it really is so easy. I still have dough chillin’ in the fridge for later this week when we want to mix it up a bit.

I never take the time to make my own dough. Not that it is hard, but I’m lazy and that makes me go out for pizza way too often. Pretty bad for a bread baker. Well, this time I bucked up and made the first recipe in the book, for generic dough. I added a bit more yeast because I like my dough yeasty. It turned out fab, and was so easy.

My pizza was veggie sausage, mushrooms and spinach on a red sauce. This is the typical type of pizza I make but I usually put the spinach on the bottom or precook it. I totally forgot but I like how it got a bit crispy. I even went out and bought a pizza peel! I always wanted one so it was a damn good excuse. I already have a pizza stone so it was a no brainer! We never share pizza at our house so below is a photo of the pizza I made the husband. Vegans, stop here, there’s chicken and cheese involved. He wanted a bbq chicken pizza so it has bbq sauce, pre-cooked chicken (no cooking meat in this house), mozzarella, and some cajun seasoning instead of traditional Italian seasoning.

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