Rocky Road Cookies From Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar

I’m still trying to find ways to use these vegan white chocolate chips. Not my fave, but the husband will eat them. I figured it had been awhile since I made a cookie from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar so opened it up and took a random page.

Unfortunately they didn’t blow anyones socks off. I got a “these taste funny” and we couldn’t place what was setting them off. I don’t like almond extract so I’m not a good judge. And I think my almonds were going a bit south, but they weren’t rancid, just off. Figures. I never have that problem! You’d think with how many ingredients I rotate in my pantry I wouldn’t have this issue, but I guess you never know. Just a friendly reminder to keep some of those nuts I only use for baking in the fridge or freezer (like walnuts, ew). And to make the husband taste test them before I give them to friends!

Total user error and not a reflection of the recipe! This whole book has been good to me so I know it isn’t to blame. And now, I’m poking at all the other nuts in my pantry, sniffing and doubting myself in my ability to tell if they are okay or not. The husband has a lot of work to do, though he’s happily munching on the walnuts, I think they are okay but he’s “not sure” and needs a few more. Hmm…

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