Kukicha Tea from Adagio

I was only half joking when I said I was only going to write about tea. I have a bunch to review and I’ve been drinking them, just not writing about it! Kukicha from Adagio is pretty tasty. It was a bit grassier than expected but didn’t go on my rebuy list. It also never cleared up, which is really odd. 3 minutes puts it on the cusp of bitter. I only taste the hint of chestnuts as an aftertaste.

Work is super busy. I’m trying to zen out. That means drinking a lot of tea and being anti-social. I need to stop the anti-social part though. Foodbuzz is this weekend so I hope to meet some new friends! Not sure I’m up for the dinners but we’ll see. It is kind of weird going to a gala dinner by yourself huh? Maybe I’ll do the Friday dinner and meet Tyler Florence. He’s making french fries. I best break out the stretchy pants. I hope they don’t have a pile of meat on em!

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