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Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, Foodbuzz Starts Today!

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2011

So this year I’m thinking about hosting a real live cookie swap. I always have best intentions but never get around to it. I should start planning that since most people get so busy during the holidays. To get me started I decided to join the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap! Hey, at least if I can’t get a group together at my house I can send some off in the mail. There is never a lack of cookies in my house anyway. Look forward to more posts about this in December.

Today Foodbuzz starts and I’ll be going up to the city this evening. I might bake on Sunday, since it is supposed to rain and I had a hike planned. I’m not really up for a wet hike right now. Look for some fun recaps of events though! I look forward to meeting new people and trying new food. Look for the redhead in stompy boots (Dr Martens Phina for those reading in the know, they are so comfy!). Say hi, I’m not cranky usually, I just have a horrible weather induced headache!


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  1. JulieD says

    I just wanted to say, I love your blog name!!! :) So glad you’re joining in on the cookie swap!

  2. elspeth says

    I’m definitely up for a cookie swap! My HMB group was talking about doing one for Christmas, I’ll let you know if that ends up happening.

  3. Savannah says

    I’ll be in a cookie swap for sure! I have no idea what to do but I’ll happily send cookies from Australia! :)

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