FoodBuzz Was Fun Last Night

I was pleasantly suprised when I ended up in SF for the FoodBuzz festival. There was a very large schwag bag, which was very generous from the sponsors. I just randomly went up and started talking to people and found some local bloggers (who I will give a shoutout to when I’m not so groggy). That’s really fun since I haven’t actually reached out yet to anyone local. Everyone was really nice. Then we headed out to the gallery for the welcome dinner. It was interesting.

The company was great, don’t get me wrong. It was sponsored by Sabra, and it isn’t one of my faves purely based on texture. I skipped the hummus starters. There was some sparking cider which was good from Santa Cruz (anyone want to do a road trip down and do a free wine tasting?). And I loved finding out what everyone blogged about. Found some fellow bakers and learned a lot about wine and beverages.

Dinner was… not accommodating. There was a beet ravioli (which I couldn’t eat because it had goat cheese) and a lentil salad. The lentil salad photo turned out blurry. This was my plate without the scallop. There wasn’t even a sald (besides the lentil salad which didn’t really have any greens). Everyone seems to be raving about the food though, so it was just me I guess since I couldn’t taste any of it.

Hey look, every single dessert was non-vegan. And we know I’m flexible but they just didn’t look amazing. I had a piece of pate de fruit (gelatin) and it just didn’t wow me. The desserts got mixed reviews. It was fun to eat with other food bloggers and getting their take on everything. This community is very generous. Jason from Ancient Fire (who is full of so much knowledge) shared his strawberry wine. No, I don’t like wine, but this wasn’t your average grape drink. It was made from strawberries and had a wonderful aroma. It made my whole foodie experience honestly.

Today I look forward to meeting more people and maybe making an intelligible post. Okay, maybe that post is for tomorrow. I’m exhausted since I had to get up at 6am to get into the city on time today. Stupid traffic (and blowdrying my hair).

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    1. It was great to meet you too! Sorry I’m late with the reply, so many people were overwhelming huh?

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