Okay, I swear I’m going to get on my better photos later this week. I was just too lazy to go through them. Quite funny that after a photography class we were presented with food in the worst lighting possible. Heat lamps in a darker room. Yay? Anyway, dinner was sponsored by Alexia. There was 4 flavours of fries competing for the new flavour produced suggested by bloggers. I didn’t bother with the sweet potato fries, I don’t dig em. I liked the dill fries, but things got a bit dry with all the dry spices and no dipping sauces. Oven fries just don’t lend well to eating on their own like that. For an hour.

Got to the table after an hour of munching on fries and drinking. Oh, the apps were probably my favourite part. It was pretty cool that they were all veg. I was getting super excited. And I was really hungry.

Good thing I really really like samosas because I did a lot of damage to that plate while we had to sit and watch Tyler Florence cook pork chops. It took longer than I expected and well, he was teaching foodies what a brine and pan roast. So most of the natives got restless. I’m sure he’s an awesome guy, but well, I’m not going to be pan roasting a pork chop, um, ever, so I didn’t really care. The cabbage looked interesting I guess. He definitely has a personality and made the most of it. I was just excited because I got a pink slip that said “hey, give me a vegan meal!”. It would be awesome being able to eat today after having lentil salad yesterday.

So our server put down this plate and I said “hey, I get the vegan meal! this has cheese!” and he said “only the entree is different” and then poured cheese salad dressing all over the salad. And then I handed it back to him and got one without dressing. And all I could eat was the lettuce since the pears were poached in honey and the nuts were probably glazed in something and I’m not a fan anyway. Yay! Dry lettuce. Don’t worry, I get a main course! Thank god I ate my weight in samosas.

The first dinner I got was a steak. I handed that back. 30 minutes later I got this, since they were making them to order. Not sure why since they knew all of our dietary restrictions. The barley tasted super supsicious and I made Kelly try it as well. I ate about half of it and didn’t get sick so I don’t think there was chicken broth. I think it was a great idea putting sage with the barley but there was just something iffy about it, and honestly they haven’t been treating vegans well so far this weekend so I had my doubts. The leek was okay but stringy, the tomatoes a bit out of season, the greens way salty (I couldn’t eat them) and I actually liked the carrots that were part of everyones dish. I think the carrots were buttered though.

Oh don’t worry, vegans got shafted again. My dessert, the raspberry and blackberry. I  was going to try the bread pudding but I was told it was cold and chewy and almost ready for a hockey rink. If there was anyone impressed by this dessert I’d be so surprised. The whole meal was very inexperienced unprofessional and it made me sad. I’m just saying, if you are going to go out of your way at a FOOD fest for a person with a dietary restriction, you should maybe not do it half assed. If I hadn’t gotten a pink slip saying “hey, feed this girl vegan food” I wouldn’t have had any expectations and just chalked it up to another wedding style catered event where I eat a lara bar and call it a day. I can’t say Federated Media made me feel very important in their eyes. I could have gotten this at any restaurant in the midwest, and I’ve had random cooks even in sports bars make me a better entree out there). There is no way I’d have such a lack of a choice in a SF Bay restaurant. I know I wasn’t the major demographic but I felt left out. I made some good friends and I appreciate that but sad I wasn’t stuffed silly with amazing food all weekend.

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