FoodBuzz day 2 was a whirlwind. I’m so exhausted. We headed out to the Federated offices which are by the ballpark. They served a nice continental breakfast and had a panel with some of the large blogger names. It was full of advice like “be yourself” and “don’t do this if you don’t expect to work hard”. Kind of obvious honestly. Or maybe I’m just an obvious kind of girl. I mean, my blog isn’t really for fellow bloggers (hi new bloggers, sorry the content won’t probably knock you off your socks), it has always had a consumer base for my friends. For example I’m always more happy when I see that my childhood school friend who is in CZ now makes my cookies for her daughters than when I get a random comment. Or my neighbours are interested in hitting up the deli I love that they didn’t know of but do now because of my post. However, I love meeting new people and making new friends. And then my friendship circle grows, and you can see what a hot mess I am most days and not a prolific writer. Oh, the fun of being a 15 year blogger.

So, after the welcome panel we split out into groups. I really liked the beginning half of the non-dslr camera session. It was a nice art school refresher. I need to use my camera a bit more. I was interested in the micro four thirds camera. The iPhone section and app stuff was okay. I know it has a time and place, but I really hope people didn’t take away that instagram food photos are okay. Because they are not. Regular iPhone or camera photos, yes. All of my photos were crappy during that session, go figure. The second session I attended was a lightroom session. I really need to wean off of photoshop. This program is great and it was good to get a quick tour and see how to easily adjust photos.

The tasting pavillion was pretty interesting. There were a lot of local brands, and I loved that. There were some things I could eat too! Bunny Bars, TCHO and more below. I’m definitely going to go on a jaunt to buy some more TCHO chocolate. It is pretty fantastic and I think I could come up with some great baking creations.  And I already knew I loved Bunny Bars 😉

I kind of lied when I said on Twitter I didn’t have dessert for 2 days. This is all I had. A mini cupcake from Mission Minis. See how hard they tried with the vegan icing? The cake was nice but yeah. I’m happy a vendor at least thought of vegan baking even if Federated did not even consider it. As a vegan baker I know they are catering to their top 10 bloggers (where they make the money) but yeah. Thanks to the vendors that tried!

There were many things to drink. I have to say most of the vendors were really nice. I was kind of put off by a few (and one had vegan goods but wasn’t willing to really give out take home samples, so I guess no review for them) but they were all super excited to have a foodie audience. So was Tyler Florence 😉

Sorry T, you just have too much hair for me! After the tasting extravaganza I hung out with Kelly from The Pink Apron. We missed the Tonga Room happy hour and just chatted away. I wasn’t sure how many more drinks I could kick back before dinner drinks anyway. I’ll do a short post about dinner tomorrow.  Right now I have to deal with my tree that fell over last night.