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Farmers Market Finds: Jujube

Oh, this is something I would have never found in Missouri! Not jujube the candy but the fruit. The farmer was touting how this has been the sweetest batch he has ever had so I was taken aback by how mellow and mealy this fruit was. It wasn’t love at first bite. The brown ones are the ripe ones and I just didn’t fall in love. I ate one every few days hoping for a sweeter bite but it just never came.

I can see why this fruit is candied and dried. You would be able to increase the flavor profile so much more. I’m not sure if it was just me because I’ve been eating my paycheque in honeycrisp apples so the super sweet fruit is already infused on my tongue. Anyway, it was fun to try something new. I didn’t bother baking with it because I felt like the flavour would get completely lost. Plus, I don’t know what kind of dessert I would make. Probably a pastry or tart.

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  1. Jason Phelps says

    Honeyscrisp Apples are pretty captivating aren’t they? We found them at a farmstand in VT a few years back and now they seem to be everywhere in our area. I like how crunchy they stay even when very ripe.

    I’ve never heard of or had jujube. What is the flavor like?


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    • Shannon says

      The flavour is kind of a cross between a mild apple and a pear. I think I’ll go on the hunt for some candied jujubes but my fave are still lychee!

  2. Lee says

    You probably ate a drying variety of Jujube. There are over 500 varieties and the chance of you getting a good eating variety are not always the best. Two new varieties that are coming out are Honey Jar and Sugar Cane. Honey Jar is very juicy, crisp and obnoxiously sweet.
    Another problem is that you only pick Jujube in the morning. They are a very economical fruit trees. They use the moisture in the fruit during the heat of the day and then replenish the moisture to the fruit at night. If you ate the fruit in the afternoon, it will be much drier and mealy.

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