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El Corte De Madera Creek Open Space Preserve

This is a bit of a cheat post. Not that I didn’t write it today, but I hiked this in very early October and was overwhelmed with VeganMoFo that I didn’t get a chance to recap. Between MoFo and a rough kettlebell regime I had to cut back on hiking. This month though it is going to be back. As soon as I buy some more long sleeve tech shirts ;)

El Corte De Madera Creek Open Space Preserve is pretty close. It was busy the day I went, there was some sort of bike meetup. Lots of bikes on the trails but they seemed very polite, however always surprised to see a hiker. It actually made for a tense uncomfortable hike. Lots of newer cyclists who didn’t know what do do when encountering a hiker, or not calling their position. I was nervous and always looking behind me. I’m not generally nervous around cyclists at all, mostly because I trust them to not assume I’m able to most as fast as them downhill. Yeah.  I went to do Resolution Loop and kind of took it backwards. I was also chasing the sun so I was a bit stressed about that. Doing the loop backwards had me a bit weirded out.

It was a nicely groomed trail though, just busy. I’m thinking that the winter months will be a bit more quiet on trails like these so that’s nice. There was no payoff on this trail though. No amazing view or sense of accomplishment after a steep climb. It could be because I was distracted by not being killed. I did pace a cyclist for about a mile though, we traded who was going first. This guy was a newbie and I was totally motivated by his determination. It reminded me that I don’t have to have the best time finishing the hike, or the highest heart rate to get a good workout. A great motivator to get back out there, but maybe with a couple less bikes. There were a lot of different trails here so I can’t say I won’t go back, but it will be a bit later in the season.


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