Challenging Myself. 2 Challenges For My Birthday Month: Push-Up & Kettlebell Swings.

So with all the strength training I do, I still massively suck at push-ups. I’m seriously wondering how this is possible, even my bicep measurements have gone up. Yet, no matter how big those suckers are, I can’t hold up and lower down my too negative to spell out body weight.

I need to start a program. OneHundredPushups has done so many people good. Maybe I just need to take the time out of my day to do it. I just don’t want to fail.

And because 1 challenge isn’t enough in my little head, I’ve joined the 200 Kettlebell Swing Challenge over on Facebook. I’m pretty sure this will help with the push-ups. Right now I’ll use my 12kg but I’m hoping to get a 16kg and a 20kg for my birthday (looks at the husband who probably doesn’t know this… looks extra long since he doesn’t read my blog).  I can do 200 swings fine, but it is the doing it every day that is the challenge. Watch me bust them out once a week, hah! I’m really trying for daily so here it goes!

And of course I plan all this when this weekend I’ll be busy with the Foodbuzz festival. It is 15 minutes out of my day, I should be able to at least do that, right? I don’t know how much these foodies drink though, there’s a thing at the The Tonga Room, I might be doomed from the start.

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