Bread Bakers Apprentice: Light Wheat Bread

I love bread. Even half assed bread. I just never got a satisfactory feed after kneading on this dough, it never gave me a good texture. The Bread Bakers Apprentice book is pretty awesome, but this wheat bread was just okay. Wheat bread is hard anyway. I honestly need to bust through these recipes because I really want Panettone, and I’m only on L. Five more till I get there… sounds like it will be a holiday treat!

Is it tasty? Yes. Is it a bit dense? Yes. Perfect for soup or stew. It isn’t even as hearty as multigrain, which is coming up too I believe. I subbed in agave nectar for the honey and pretty much made the bread as is. Except for the excessive kneading since I wasn’t getting a great texture. It is still good, but won’t be my go to wheat bread recipe. I prefer a bit lighter a loaf.

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