Bread Bakers Apprentice: Lavash Crackers

I can’t believe I haven’t really baked from my Bread Bakers Apprentice book in such a long time.  Good thing there’s no deadline for me in this self imposed challenge. So L for Lavash. I had just got back from a trip from Trader Joe’s that has some pretty awesome hummus and spreads. What’s a girl to do? Make crackers. I made a half batch and not sure that was the smartest thing because I wanted more. They are so crispy and good. I’ve had cracker flops so I was nervous. I used agave nectar for the honey but with such a strong topping I didn’t notice any of the sweet notes. It might work with a whole grain flour as that always pairs well with sweet honey or honey alternative.

The one thing is that the seeds didn’t stick very well. I could have pushed or rolled them in I guess, first time is always a learning experience. I was just pretty excited to have a stellar smooth dough that was so easy to roll out. I used my Everything Bagel mix from King Arthur Flour. What a great cracker flavour. Did I mention the topping was strong? I still have onion/garlic breath hours later! I highly recommend messing around with the seeds and toppings if you do make crackers, there are so many possibilities.

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