Birthday Dinner At Millenium

I’m recovering from the plague and actually made it to work today. Go me! Not sure if it will be a full day, but A for effort right? Plus, I had to write about Monday night!

It was my birthday and I wanted a fancy meal. The husband is very accommodating with eating at places I can eat but this was a stretch.  Funny enough, he had been to Millennium before yet I have not. I was pretty excited about going. Earlier in the afternoon I had already thrown in the towel at work and declared myself sick but I wasn’t missing my reservation. It was a toss up between just ordering off the menu or the prix fixe. A place I could do prix fixe? How awesome! We ended up ordering off the menu though, because my brain was already foggy on medication.

The husband got the roasted pear salad and was in love. I swear there were pears there, I was sick and having camera problems. He really liked the vanilla-pear-champagne vinaigrette and said it was very balanced and perfect for the greens. I got the Crusted Oyster Mushrooms and was just what I wanted. It had a very light salty flavour and the sambal was spot on. I kind of wanted these with a hot sauce though. That could of been my sick tastebuds craving hot though.

For entrees the husband got the Brik Pastry Roulade. Honestly, neither one of us liked it. I switched out my meal for his though since I hated it a bit less and I loved the rapini and greens on the plate. It had some not so familiar herb pairings that was just throwing us off. Not sure what it was, but looking around the restaurant we saw a lot of these plates unfinished. The servings were very generous on everything so I can’t really chalk it up to taste. I ordered the Molasses & Thyme Glazed Smoked Tempeh and it was awesome. The husband loved this and especially the sweet potatoes and pecans. The tempeh was just perfect. I don’t even like pecans and I was still eating off of his plate! The perfect smokey flavour.

And we were full but I wasn’t about to skip dessert. I don’t bake on my birthday and I wanted something sweet. The husband got the Warm Apple Pandowdy and fell in love with the bourbon ice cream and couldn’t stop talking about the shortbread crust. I ordered the Chocolate Almond Midnight and it was everything I wanted. Very rich, chocolatey and perfectly sweet. A perfect way to end the meal. Then I went home in a nyquil daze and passed out for 2 days. The birthday meal was worth it though!

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