Babycakes Brownie Bites with Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee

I have a love hate relationship with these brownie bites from Babycakes. Especially since I had to make them twice. The first time they turned out perfect. Nice dome, tasted great, but would not come out of the pan. Yeah, the coconut oil just didn’t work out for me. So I had to make them again the next day (which was yesterday when I was due to bring them) and this time I used liners.

So I did everything the same, used the last of my precious coconut oil, and they sank. Not horrible deep crevices but enough to be meh. Go figure huh? But how did they taste?

Well, the husband wouldn’t even let me throw out the ones pried out of the tins from the first batch. The second batch went over with my friends amazingly well, even though I used a bit more coffee. They were really strong in that department and even a friend who had made them before didn’t realize I used the same recipe. The flavoured coffee really turned these into something special. I have to say I really do like baking with coffee, but for me I just didn’t love the taste. That is based soley on there being coffee in there. If you make this recipe from Babycakes (which you can find all over the web) I suggest a flavoured coffee. It will transform them into something different.

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