Third Annual Cook.Vegan.Lover Care Package Swap

I used to do a TON of swaps a few years back. Mostly crafty stuff but the occasional foodie one thrown in for good measure. When I saw the call out over at Cook.Vegan.Lover I was super stoked! In case you couldn’t tell, I got hooked up with an awesome swapper, who went well above and beyond the call of duty (and price limit).

Sue Kim is just plain awesome. And check out her blog, complete with Hello Kitty all over it! Can you imagine? That mouthless cat follows me everywhere. Good thing I don’t mind! I totally appreciate that she tagged some of the great recipes in VegNews and I’m stoked about the Hodduk mix! She translated the instructions from Korean which is so awesome. I can’t wait to break into it! There is even origami paper to get my craft on.

Yeah, spy the kitty ears? I’ve been wearing them all day so far. Hey, it keeps my hair out of my face when I’m baking! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. All of this stuff is overwhelming and I’m excited to try it all. Now that I’ve taken photos I think the husband is going to attack my stash! Oh well, he isn’t feeling good so I guess I’ll share.

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